Careers in ABA: Rewarding Opportunities Working with Children

We recently had the privilege of attending the Iowa State University People to People Career Fair, where we met some great young people exploring career opportunities in behavioral health. This post will answer some of the most common questions we received, explore the field of ABA and Autism services, and dive into opportunities at Midwest Autism & Therapy Centers!

The Field of ABA
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the “gold standard” of Autism therapy. ABA uses positive reinforcement to help increase behaviors like safe play and communication, while decreasing challenging or unsafe behaviors like self-harm and elopement.

Governed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. (BACB), all clinicians providing ABA therapy must undergo training, ongoing education, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

What Kind of Clinicians Provide ABA Therapy?
It’s no secret that clinicians studying Applied Behavior Analysis play a critical role in promoting these evidence-based practices by obtaining a solid foundation in ABA principles and techniques. They then become equipped to design and implement effective interventions to help improve outcomes for children with ASD.

The Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT) certification is a paraprofessional certification in behavior analysis. RBTs assist in delivering behavior-analytic services and practice under the direction and close supervision of an RBT Supervisor and/or RBT Requirements Coordinator who is responsible for their work.

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. Professionals certified at the BCBA level are independent practitioners who provide behavior-analytic services.

Additionally, these professionals can provide education and awareness to the community by working with schools, other healthcare providers, and providing parent education.

Opportunities with Midwest Autism & Therapy Centers
Our ABA providers note the joy and sense of pride they feel when our clients form a new word for the first time, when client siblings learn sign language to communicate, or when they see the joy on a parent’s face after their child reaches a new milestone. Working directly with children in the field of ABA allows our team members to equip our clients with the skills needed to capitalize on their unique strengths, and to witness the growth firsthand!

Interested in building a rewarding career in ABA with Midwest? Apply Today!

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