Autism Myths & Facts

We’re breaking down some of the common myths and misconceptions about Autism.

MYTH: Autism is a mental illness.
FACT: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder developed in a child’s brain before they are born.

MYTH: Everyone with Autism is the same.
FACT: Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning each person’s symptoms vary in presentation and severity.

MYTH: Autism is caused by vaccines.
FACT: A 2010 study retracted the formerly completed study from 1998, showing falsification of data and ethical violations, thus concluding there is no evidence to prove childhood vaccines cause Autism.

MYTH: Children with ASD do not like to socialize.
FACT: Some children with ASD might not pick up on social cues, or might follow strict routines, and avoid crowds, but some are also considered “sensory seekers” and love to make new friends.

MYTH: There is no official diagnostic test for Autism.
FACT: While there is not a blood test for diagnosis, an Autism diagnosis can be received through developmental screenings and a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

MYTH: Only boys have Autism.
FACT: Girls are less likely to be diagnosed, but they can still be on the spectrum. Girls are more likely to be misdiagnosed with another condition, verses the ASD diagnosis they should have.

MYTH: People with Autism have severe intellectual disabilities.
FACT: Most people living with Autism are able to function relatively normal in society. In fact, 44% have average or above-average intelligence.

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