Underpinnings Program

Average Weekly Therapy Hours: 25-30+

The Underpinnings program is ideal for kids, who are preparing for a traditional classroom environment. The typical age of a child in this group is 4-5 years old. Many of the kids in this group also attend preschool or kindergarten throughout the week. 

This program focuses on practicing social skills, developing comfortable routines, navigating new environments, and building on skills, like turn-taking,  learned in our Readiness program. We’ll also help you (the parent or guardian) navigate the process of in-school services including 504 plans or IEPs.

Your child does not need to graduate from the Readiness program to qualify for services or participate in this group. Kids are placed in their groups based on their skill set, age, comfort level, and BCBA recommendations.

School Skills Development

The Underpinnings program focuses on foundational skills your child will need to succeed in a traditional school environment. Kids ages 4-6 are typically placed into this group so we can help them develop comfortable school routines right when they enter pre-school or kindergarten. 

Individualized Therapy Programs

As with our Readiness program, we assess each child and work with you (the parent or guardian) to develop goals and strategies. No two children on the Spectrum are the same, so our therapy plans aren’t either. 

The "Buddy" System

Because the Underpinnings program focuses on school skill building, we use a buddy system to help build social and play skills. Kids still receive 1:1 therapy but, also participate in more buddy or group therapy than our Readiness group. 

Buddies are paired based on each child’s needs, existing skill set, and comfort level. For the safety of our kids, buddies are not randomly assigned or paired without careful consideration from our team. 

Parent Education Sessions

One of the most important parts of a successful therapy plan is family collaboration.  We provide education sessions for all of our parents so skills developed at Midwest transfer seamlessly to home.