Readiness Program

Average Weekly Therapy Hours: 35-40+

The Readiness program caters to children who’ve been recently diagnosed or need assistance developing everyday skills like turn-taking and sharing, communicating needs, potty training skills, and more. Generally, the children in this group are between the ages of 24 months and 4 years old (the typical age of diagnosis). 

Early Intervention Skill Building

Early intervention ABA therapy has many well-documented benefits for children on the spectrum. In fact, research indicates that regular, intensive therapy can help children with ASD catch up to typically-developing children by age 6-7.

Individualized Therapy Plans

Our BCBAs assess each child and work with you (the parent or guardian) to develop goals and strategies. Kids in the Readiness group work primarily in a 1:1 therapy setting but may work with a “buddy” or the larger group to work on play skills, sharing, etc. 

Buddies are paired based on each child’s needs, existing skill set, and comfort level. For the safety of our kids, buddies are not randomly assigned or paired without careful consideration from our team. 

Parent Education Sessions

One of the most important parts of a successful therapy plan is family collaboration.  We provide education sessions for all of our parents so skills developed at Midwest transfer seamlessly to home.